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CBI-electric launches a remote actuation unit

With the introduction of renewable energy into the main stream market and the drive for higher data performance of systems, companies are looking to exploit the enabling possibilities of DC power.  These developments in technology and increased DC power usage require dedicated DC protection equipment.


CBI-electric assists Customers with Auto Load Shedding

CBI-electric has, for a number of years, developed products that contribute substantially towards the efficient use of electrical energy. Products such as energy management devices and automatic load shedding devices, now have renewed significance as they have been developed to enable end-users of electricity to themselves manage their own power usage. Automatic load shedding maintains consumption below maximum demand, thereby saving penalty charges.

LV circuit breakers: a yardstick to service life

When determining whether an installed circuit breaker should be replaced or not, safety is the main priority. When fuses were phased out in the 1950s and the changeover to circuit breakers began, the new technology required a deviation from surface-mounted installations towards distribution panels.

CBI-electric full DC product range

With the introduction of renewable energy into the mainstream market and the drive for higher data performance of systems, companies are looking to push the boundaries of how DC can be applied.  With all of the advances in DC usage, dedicated DC protection equipment is essential to ensure the safety of systems, equipment and people.


CBI-electric launches New Socket Outlet with integral USB ports

CBI-electric: low voltage is pleased to announce the launch of their new USB Socket Outlet.  The new aesthetically pleasing socket outlet is a standard 240 V AC Euro socket outlet with a twist. In addition to the option of 2 complementary plug sockets, it has 2 integral USB ports.


CBI-electric launches New Comprehensive MCCB range

CBI is pleased to launch a new comprehensive range of standard and enhanced Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) from 15A right up to 1200A. This new range, complementing CBI’s other product ranges, provides stock variation reduction and has already found favour in both the South African as well as overseas markets with orders for the product rolling in.


Advancing awareness of the risks of imitation devices

The Specialized Commercial Crimes Court in Johannesburg on June 2, convicted Abdool Kadar Omar Khan (55) – sole proprietor of the businesses trading as Akronix and South Star Technologies in Lenasia, for contravening the Counterfeit Goods Act 37 of 1997 and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) Act 5 of 2008, for his role in importing nearly 124 000 counterfeit CBI earth leakage devices and circuit breakers from the Peoples’ Republic of China.